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David Walton

Standing stones, like ‘Carn Holy’ in Scotland, are recurring themes. Dolmens (cromlechs in Wales) are megalithic chamber tombs. Some bear the pecked remains of cup and ring marks, while others show mysterious spirals, serpentine lines and meanders. Working with such primordial signs gives me a sense of being in touch with these earlier artists, what Sue Hubbard called, ‘secular spirituality’. In the group of ‘Orthostat’ works I was interested in all-over compositions. In the ‘Sarsen’ group (some of the standing stones of Stonehenge) I was interested in the texture of the surface. In the ‘Underworld Passageway’ group I was interested in compositional ways of isolating sets of signs. Another aspect of this series is my interest in visiting all the open, Ice Age caves in Europe, in order to stand before the most astonishing art that goes back thousands of years. The work ‘Cave of Symbols’ is one of a group motivated by such visits.