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David Walton

Signs, for a painter of abstracts such as myself, are devices awaiting manipulation. In the ‘Palimpsest’ group (monoprint and stencil) I was interested in layering. In the ‘Archaic Script’ group (pastel and collage) I was interested in a ‘Classical’ composition. In the large oil paintings ( ‘Avestan’, ‘Demotic’, and ‘Abstract Script No 7’) I was interested in using pre-Islamic forms ( Soknopaiou Nesos scripts) to create my own, entirely imaginary script, in order to play with some neo-Baroque compositional ideas. In the group including ‘Nabataean’ and ‘Blue Hieratic’, I was interested in an ‘all-over’ compositional approach with differing moods, Nabataean being ‘swirl’.